HEPA air cleaner for house dust allergy


Millions of people suffer from an allergy to mites and allergenic house dust, according to estimates by allergy associations. Thus the house dust allergy comes as second most frequent allergy form directly after hay fever, the tendency is rising. It is not the small mites themselves that trigger the allergic reactions, but the faeces containing the allergen. House dust mites can be found in our entire living environment and emit their excrement wherever they are standing on their eight legs.

The highest concentration of allergens is measured in our bedrooms, where mites feel particularly comfortable and find the best conditions for reproduction. Our dead skin scales are the nutritional basis for the mites, which can be found in mattresses and bedding. If the allergy sufferer breathes in the excrements with the air in the room, permanent allergic rhinitis and chronic respiratory diseases up to asthma attacks can develop.

What are the possibilities?
The first measure to be taken when allergy symptoms occur should be a visit to the doctor. Only with the medical diagnosis and further therapy options can late consequences or chronic diseases of a house dust allergy be prevented. Further steps are the renovation of the living environment, washable duvets and pillows suitable for allergy sufferers, as well as protective covers against allergens in the mattress. Relief against breathing difficulties, irritated eyes and permanent rhinitis can also be achieved through the targeted use of suitable Hepa air purifiers.

House dust and allergenic particles are filtered out of the room air with the special air filter and significantly reduced.

Healthy indoor air
Especially small children and people suffering from respiratory problems or allergies are affected by poor air quality. Air purifiers prevent allergies and, when used correctly, provide almost pollutant-free indoor air. Dust particles, odours and pollen are captured down to a size of 0.3 micrometres and retained in the air filter.


With the re-opening of restaurants in Germany and the results of the study at Heinsberg, which showed that aerosoles are the biggest danger within this pandemic beside the obvious keeping distance and wear masks, which is not possible while eating, so we improved and equiped our air filtration system with modern HEPA filters to offer the little bit more safety for our guests. It is no guarantee, but we can show, that we care more about our clients.

Restaurant Owner, Hamburg, Germany

Protection for the immune system
Over the last 20 years, the pollution levels have worsened considerably. The well-known discussions about particulate matter emissions in large cities are conducted every day. However, many people are unaware that the pollution caused by unclean air and harmful substances indoors is sometimes tens of times higher than in the outside air. This indoor air can affect our health, lead to an increase in infectious diseases and weaken our resistance.

Dangerous house dust
House dust contains germs. Particularly feared by house dust allergy sufferers are mite faeces, animal hair and traces of mould spores. Heavy metals, soot and mineral fibres are also present. This dust is constantly stirred up and distributed by movement in the rooms. In spring and summer, on the other hand, pollen and flower dusts make life difficult for people suffering from hay fever. Some of these substances irritate the eyes and mucous membranes and cause allergies. Tobacco smoke and dusty breathing air contaminated with pathogenic viruses and bacteria also affect sensitive people. Then you should seriously consider a Hepa air purifier to clean the air. After all, we breathe up to 22,000 times a day and fresh, clean air is vital for our health.

Purchase criteria

When buying, the points at night should be considered:

  • Does the unit power match the room size? (ideal air circulation: 2 times per hour)
  • Is the filter suitable for house dust?
  • How often must filters be changed?
  • How much do replacement filters cost?
  • Energy consumption, operating noise
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Performance of the manufacturer (warranty, service, goodwill)


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R Certified True HEPA Filters

The Certified Honeywell True HEPA R Replacement filters HRF-R3 (B00BWYO0LI) help capture up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, 0.3 microns & larger*. For best cleaning performance, replace your HEPA filters every 12 months. The filter check/reset light will remind you when it’s time to change your filter. Initial filters included.